Friday, December 23, 2005

Festive Felines #3

More festive kitties (from Sarahbear on B3ta). This time it looks like Lily who has kindly been visiting the last couple of days. She has to go away for Xmas, and I fear for her, but I am sure she will be fine.

We have our special Christmas dins tonight - just the two of us. Podbat and I, I mean. Although Lily will join in if she is around.

I do wish she would meow at me in the morning to be let out *before* she has shat and pissed just in the awkward bit of the draft excluder at the front door. Today I opened it, thinking she had held it in, only to find crap smeared across the floor.

Mmmm. Ach well.

Podbat bought a new Freeview/PVR box yesterday. It is well cool. 160GB hard drive.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

JCB song

The JCB song. Nice song. GREAT flash animation. Just magical. I am so proud of the web. By Nizpoli via Turquoise.

Festive Feline #2

Proof that cats and dogs get along fine. From Agent Mu on B3ta.

Festive Felines #1

Cats doth protest. From themanwithnochin on B3ta.

Friday, December 16, 2005

In The Future

In The Future
In The Future,
originally uploaded by brex.
Loving this video by vlogger extraordinaire and teacher Bre Pettis. The future generation shares their thoughts on what the future will be like.

I only wish we had something similar from when I was that age to compare it with. They seem pretty savvy to me. They like eco-sustainability and technology.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Rsstroom reader

This would have been top of my Christmas wish list if I had spotted it earlier.* The best bit is the biometrics toilet seat that can tell who you are and what your preferences are. If only.

Via The Adventures of Teapot the Cat.

*Warning: this product may or may not exist, but a design student did something similar a couple of years ago - see here

Saturday, December 10, 2005

More cat jumpers

originally uploaded by junku.
Sorry. Couldn't resist posting this one too.

Cat vests

originally uploaded by junku.
Even Junku's cats have put their vests on as winter sets in.

Tube gossip time

Even though I no longer have to take the Tube in My New Job, I still like to keep up with the gossip, you know how it is. So this is taken from themanwhofellasleep's Tube Gossip, which incidentally is now a regular column in London's Time Out magazine.

Scray thing is, I know I have said number 4 a number of times. It could well have been on the Tube.

1 December
1. Don't say "maybe". When you say "maybe" it means you're going to cancel.
2. The Passion of the Christ is one of the few Mel Gibson films where the villains aren't English.
3. Want a mint?
4. It's not about megapixels, it's about the quality of the lens.
5. What? Do I have a sticker on my head saying "Don't reply to my emails"?
6. I've never been to the Boogaloo... sounds like the second version of the Good Mixer.
7. Why is the paint never the same colour as on the tin?
8. Don't mind me. Pretend I'm not here.
9. It wasn't a nightmare. It just wasn't a very nice dream.
10. Suddenly the newsagents are full of orange multi-vitamin drinks.

My pussy mosaic

My cat mosaic
My cat mosaic,
originally uploaded by The Kitten's Toe.

So, I tried out the mosaic maker application on that Flickr tools list. This was made from Flickr fave

Check out my pussy mosaic!

Flickr tools list

For those of you who are interested in Flickr, here is a great list here of the fantastic interfaces and tools that some clever developers from all over the place have done using Flickr's API - the set of tools that lets people play around with the content.*

* Do scroll down to skip the bollocks before you get to the tools...

Burning Man. Would you?

burning man 2005
burning man 2005,
originally uploaded by juusan.
The Burning Man gathering, festival, or whatever it is looks absolutely amazing yet at the same time, it looks utterly frightening to me.

I don't get it. I am used to Glastonbury where there is music everywhere and there are people everywhere. And they are all high and pissed in their own British ways.

Burning Man pictures always look somewhat desolate to me.

Blugg has mentioned going there instead of Glasto (which is not on in 2006). I dunno.


This made me laugh so much.

For those of you who don't know, Clarkson is the tosspot who does BBC car show Top Gear.

We have a fundamental disagreement about what "Top Gear" is.


Ha ha, well that is just hilarious.

So I am back now after some Time Out. Went Up North and then to my sister's house and got hooked on a jigsaw then went to Boston then went to a new job.

Great stuff.

New job. New fears. New insecurities. New opportunities. New Christmas parties!!