Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Flickr rich!

Flickr rich!
Flickr rich!,
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Talking of Flickr...Yahoo has bought it, in case you hadn't heard, and there is a lot of dicussion in the groups there about what "Bonuses" Pro account holders will get.*

Some are saying Hoodies, some are saying flan and tiaras... Frisbees are popular too.

I say SHARES PLEASE and a Pentax 7 megapixel "retro" camera. Thanks.

*I am a Pro... It basically means that for around $49 a year, you can upload shit loads of photos. You are limited if you are not a Pro.


Blogger 325hjhjhfsdf87897834jhf04 said...

I love Flikr, too!!!

24/3/05 5:38 PM  

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