Sunday, April 17, 2005

Drowning hand

Drowning hand
Drowning hand,
originally uploaded by William Fawcett.
What an absolutely ace statue carving thing in a desert in Chile. Apparently it is a sculpture by Mario Irarrazabal called "Mano del Desierto," 1992.

So Planet of the Apes-like. I think it would really confuse the aliens.


Anonymous Dennis Arendt said...

Mario has done several hand sculptures that appear to be rising out of the ground. I believe he wants to show mankind's connection to the earth with these works. He has also many smaller sculptures depicting human realtionships, political themes and more. He is anamazing artist who grew up during turbulent times in Chile.

3/7/06 4:12 AM  
Anonymous Worldcitizenkiwi said...

I understand it is to represent the hand of mother earth (Pachamama) reaching out to man kind for help to survive - interestingly mankind's response so far has been to tag and graffitti it..typical! It is an amazing sculpture in an equally amazing place on the edge of the Atacama Desert.

14/9/08 8:22 PM  

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