Monday, June 20, 2005


Flickr, as a result of its acquisition by Yahoo, is moving lock, stock and barrel to the US from Canada, where it has happily been the home for such lovely creative people.

Here is what Flickr says:
The Flickr team has up and moved this week to Californ-i-a and has

been singing Beach Boys songs non-stop since arrival. And you're

moving too!

We're moving each and every pixel, bit, and byte, all your data, lock,

stock, and barrel, from our humble server shack in Canada to our new

server palace in the U.S. of A!

They are moving all the data to servers in the US, from Canada, so that they can be housed on Yahoo's servers with all the support that involves. I am sure it is a necessary move for them.

It is so interesting that amongst the virtuality of cyberspace, once a company is snapped up by a bigger fish, that bigger fish wants to make sure it has uprooted every single bit to make it its own.

Cybercolonising at its most impressive.


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