Thursday, September 01, 2005

What I like about Flickr

taco hell
taco hell,
originally uploaded by thehomsar.
Flickr encourages people to build groups to which members are invited to contribute images.

I tried to find an "ice" themed group because I was flicking through my favourites and realised that the non-cat faves were mostly of snow and ice. Hmm...*

I searched for ice themed groups (the search needs working on - odd for a company that was bought by Yahoo) and was intrigued by the variety of different groups that have been set up.

I saw this one - GI's take on photography. I made me realise how much of a collection of community neighbourhoods Flickr is becoming. People find homes there - affiliations which are not about "being like-minded" which is unproductive.

You get communities difference - all sorts of different people - who intersect and interact around a theme. It is also what I always wanted in an online "community" - a place where you enjoy giving and receiving contributuions - comments for example - and sharing the world through your eyes.

There always somewhere to explore - always something to see, new faces to look at, and new things to talk about.

*Not sure what that says about me.


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