Saturday, November 12, 2005

Tube Gossip

Time for some more Tube Gossip from TheManWhoFellAsleep.

27th October 2005
1. Of course it's not Halal. It's a fucking pork chop.
2. Is he black? Is he white? Is he black? Is he white? Is he green?
3. I wouldn't rely on a guy called Anonymous Funkster.
4. Did you see Jordan and Peter Andre on Ross? Absolute classic car crash telly.
5. I used to know this bloke who kept a syringe in his desk. He was allergic to peanuts and needed people to inject him.
6. They are renaming Green Lanes. It's gonna be called Haringay Village or something like that...
7. You gonna go to Ally Pally for the fireworks?
8. He thinks he's at the forefront of guerilla marketing. It's just a few flyers.
9. How is your mum? I heard about the operation. Nasty business.
10. I am absolutely Hank Marvin'.


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