Friday, August 11, 2006

Big Brother housmates podcast

Pretty interesting to see that podcasting has even made it into the Big Brother house in the UK. The housemates each had to record a podcast (which you can subscribe to at 4radio) to get their food budget for the week.

Who would have thunk it when the word first emerged...?

I reckon needs to snap up Tourette's Syndrome boy Pete, who will undoubtedly win this year. He also has a band - podsafe I wonder?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting stuff. I was looking for big brother podcasts and found this post. It's a different version, and interesting to see they were doing podcasts this long ago.

9/7/11 7:17 AM  
Anonymous Big Brother 13 said...

I also found this post by searching for Big brother podcasts. I was hoping to find some podcasts of the new season of Big Brother 13 to share with my blog readers. I have found a Big Brother 13 podcast but was looking for some that were more established.

10/7/11 8:50 PM  

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