Wednesday, September 13, 2006

BlogHUD In the Grid

Check out this interview with Koz about his Second Life BlogHUD blogging tool, by Miller Copeland for In The Grid, a new in/outworld magazine.

They touch on the social networking application crossover potential of bloghud. I like the idea of keeping the tool free for the central community blog, which is a really useful resource, and charging a small one off fee (in Lindens, of course) to get the pro version which will let you post to your own blog you already have set up. Central hubs, as well as ludic sprays into other spaces are important.


Blogger Jason Pettus said...

Hey, glad you liked the interview. We're a brand-new publication, so make sure to come by regularly if you want to read more; we'll be featuring artists, programmers, fetishists and other intriguing people each weekday there.

15/9/06 8:54 PM  

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