Monday, February 28, 2005


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I have been terribly crap at keeping this updated over the weekend. I can blame a number of reasons outside of my control. Blugg's Mac G4 * likes to be a typical Apple product and flick its nose up at doing anything you would usually do on any other computer. In other words, I cannot post properly from it because it does not want to recognise all the functions on blogger.

The second reason might be because I have been hacking up green stuff and all such delightful mucus from the depths of my chest. I blame this on London transport.

I verge on the obsessive compulsive when I am rammed into a shoebox-sized carriage with a hundred other hackers who see fir to wipe their nose and then deposit mucus** on the handrails. I also loathe people who do not cover up their mouths when the cough. Yes, loathe.

Can someone explain the point of hankies please? I don't mean paper ones, I mean the good old fashioned material ones. I just retrieved such an item from my draw and have deposited some mucus within, but now it is soaking. I don't want to put it back on my nose. I now either have to stuff a damp, snot filled bit of cloth up my sleeve, or dry it on my knee before I can reuse it. Surely that can't be healthy?

I did however, manage to add a few new links which you can pick up over there (nods to the right)... One is a Flickr photostream of ROBOTS!! Woohoo! The second is a page which keeps track of all the most recent podcasts to hit the castosphere - I have just called it that because I refuse to go down the "pod route" - Apple get too much publicity as it is.

I have also added a link to Themanwhofellasleep which made me giggle out loud last night. Written by a North Londoner - he lives in Crouch End I have gathered - he seems to be very good at art. I particularly like his Journal of Hope and Despair, in which he give us the good news that Armageddon has been postponed a year. He also has an interesting account of what happened when the Manic Street Preachers came round for tea. He also has some great links to vintage porn.***

*Which incidentally continues to give me electric static shocks - that can't be right can it? Is it just to keep one awake?

**Is is just me or does everyone else type "mucus" when they mean "music" and "music" when they mean "mucus"?

***When I say vintage, I mean *really* vintage - like big old dresses and wigs stuff, not Sam Fox circa 1986


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