Thursday, May 05, 2005

Election Night. Exciting.

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Watching the live coverage of the UK General Election. Blugg and I voted at about 2120. Polling closed at 2200. It was our first vote together. Aww.

Will probably stay up until about 0200 to watch it. By then we should know who is going to win. If this was America though, you'd stay up until then, go to bed thinking you knew for sure what the result would be. Then you would wake up and the result would be completely different.

You never know. We might wake up tomorrow to find Sooty is our new Prime Minister.


Blogger Lisa said...

You're doing better than me - it's 11.26 and I'm giving up and going to bed. Too tired, much as I was enjoying Peter Snow playing with his toys.

5/5/05 11:28 PM  

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