Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Top cat video of all time

Favourite. Ever.
The Little Drummer Boy

This boy is incredible. Richard and Judy should get them on their show. Heh.
YouTube hoaxes or kid geniuses?

The Faketrix Trailer. What do reckon? Check out LonelyGirl too... hmmm.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Ultimate vlogger shades?

Spy Camera Sunglasses Records What You See - Gizmodo
Surely this must be the ultimate gadget for your discerning video blogger/podcaster.

Says Gizmodo...

The camera, which uses MPEG4 to encode video, has a 92-degree field-of-view. In practical terms, that means you don't even have to look directly at your mark in order to record.

... But Gizmodo has a word of "caution":

It's just a matter of time until creeps from sea to shining sea begin using these sunglasses at the gym, beach or supermarket, furthering their own sick, morally reprehensible ends.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

RED HERRING | Friendster Wins Patent

RED HERRING | Friendster Wins Patent
Unless I really have had too much to drink at the London Geek Dinner (with Chris Anderson, editor or Wired and author of Long Tail etc) or this is for real. Since when were human relationships patentable? It is like trying to patent a Boy Scouts club network. I am so sure Danah Boyd could think of a much niftier analogy.

Still. Come ON!

Even more reason to emigrate to a virtual world with metaversal aspirations, such as Second Life.

Friday, July 07, 2006


originally uploaded by noisemachina05.
Instead of actually buying a real cat and worrying about it dying, maybe I should just get a Banksie-type grafitti stencil and re-decorate the house and garden wall with them.