Thursday, September 14, 2006

Officer Dan explains machinima

Here is a great little flick about machinima called Machinima! With Offier Dan by Amorphous Blob Productions. This is the future of games and film prodoction as entertainment, and so much more in my book. Check it out on

Imagine how skilled up kids would be, as our future knowledge workers, if they were encouraged to put their creative energies into learning about narratives, coding, architectures, social relations, economics and so on through machinima. The film and games industries would have a ball - even music and publishing industries would feel the effect of this ludic spray.

It brings together all the kinds of things we see happening across the networks - participatory media, citizen journalism, blogging, vlogging and podcasting - in a world that you can contruct yourself and share.

Far more interesting than a game you buy, a film spin off, which you can't do much with, and which doesn't let you play/connect with other people.


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