Monday, November 13, 2006

Pushing and shoving at PS3 Japan launch

So the Sony PS3 has launched in Japan - but take a look at the mild frenzy it caused there as it was unleashed.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

My first sofa

Decided it was about time I started to build my own stuff in Second LIfe
instead of spending all my money on other people's. Problem is I am not
very artistic or logical. Anyway, this is my first sofa, tiffany lamps and
coffee table. I need many more textures. I think I will do some classes
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Saturday, November 11, 2006


Make yourself part of the art. Avaremixing.
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Loving the new BlogHud feature!

Ooohh in a world of wonder! This Bloghud/Flickr/Second Life/Blogspot
crossposting feature is just too much fun and way too clever for its own
good!! hehe Koz Farina has been up all night doing this - he needs to step
away from the computer!
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Postcard from Second Life

Wicked custom illustrations by TCMCreations here at Cristat in Second LIfe.
Lovely - would like one for my wall I think. Oh wait - what wall? Currently
homless in SL.
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Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Seven Phases of Owning an iPod

A nice little cartoon here about the Seven Phases of Owning an iPod, found on Drivl via Kosso.

I am fast approaching Stage 5.5.
Flight Patterns Art

This is pretty amazing - according to the blurb it is in fact data from the U.S. Federal aviation administration used to create animations of flight traffic patterns and density.