Thursday, February 01, 2007

Born yesterday

So I have been popping in and out of Second Life when I have time, but it is lonely and a bit boring when my mates aren't there to play with. Yes, I could go and be sociable and meet new people, but they are all BORN YESTERDAY.

I have nothing against new residents - nothing at all. But you don't have the same sort of shared cultural understanding developed over time, without a bit of hard work. Sometimes I just can't be arsed to do the hard work. I want to have fun.

I picked up a new hud gadget, the Bijo Age Scanner, which tells me the names and SL ages of the first 16 avatars within 100m, together with their verification status. A * next to their name indicates that they are within 20m and within that range, they will hear what I am saying, obviously.

The oldest avatar I have "seen" so far has been a month old. Hmmm...

Would be an interesting little experiment to track...

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