Saturday, September 03, 2005

In need of mashups

Mashup of the Week Podcast
If you are in need of some good toons to listen to tonight, check out Mashup town. I like the model here.

They mashup tracks - lots of them some of the great classic like The Doors and Sesame Street - and link to iTunes so you can buy the original tracks separately. Really something to drive sales of back catalogues.

This is defo what people will start to do more of as the novelty of music download services wears off and people start to grow at ease with the act of downloading. They will naturally want to see what else they can find there.

But I love the new remixes that are created here.


Anonymous waxbox said...

How do they get around the licensing? I'm assuming not at all...

3/9/05 7:23 PM  

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