Sunday, October 01, 2006

Creative commons photos and Schmap

TED Global dinner at Keble
TED Global dinner at Keble,
originally uploaded by The Kitten's Toe.
So I had an email from someone at Schmap, freeware-based interactive mapping guide thing.

They wanted to use one of my photos from TEDGlobal (technology, entertainment and design conference) for the Oxford guide. They found it on flickr with a cc licence (attributable, non-commercial sharealike), so they are entitled to use it. I said, ok, that's fine. But then, I thought, is this strictly non-commercial use? Sure, it is freeware, but they must need to make money someehere, through ads or something. So does that count? I am not sure. It is the first time someone has asked to use one of my snaps.

Nice of them to pick it though.


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