Thursday, June 30, 2005


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We have done San Fran and went over the Muir Woods to do some tree hugging. Now off to Monteray to try and catch some rays!

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Hanging out in Haight

Haight Ashbury
Haight Ashbury,
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We went camera shopping and to Haight Ashbury today - fantastic. Really not very nice weather though. Hopefully it will be WARM tomorrow...

Had a chilled time in Haight, then I bought the new camera - the Canon 7.1 megapixel SD500. AMAZING. This photo was NOT taken with it...

I shall be taking all my other snaps with it. It is jolly bloody good.

Had an early brekkie in a very smart Philip Starck hotel called the Clift, with Mr Dave Winer. The eggs benedict were not as nice as Blugg's.

Found fantastic cafe bar place with loadsa characters in it called Enricos. Highly recommended. If you check out my Flickr stream you can see the pictures - taken with my NEW CAMERA! - of the very cute kitten that sat at the front desk most of the time.

Monday, June 27, 2005

I left my heart...

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We have arrived in San Francisco. It was Gay Pride today - we had no idea. But we knew when we saw a completely naked guy riding a bike. Or maybe that happens all the time here.

We almost missed the plane because I got the flight time wrong. When we arrived at the airport, we then found out we had been put on the bloomin standby.

Went for a sarnie and found ourselves sitting beside some rapper and his bling bling posse. I knew he was famous because people kept staring and asking for photos. When I first saw him I thought he was Whoopi Goldberg.

I asked if he was famous or something and he nodded and mumbled "Yeah, jsadljkjad". As you might be able to tell I have no clue who he was. He had silver front teeth and dreds. He was quite short. That's about it.

After saying "who?" twice, I decided to leave it, saying instead "Oh, we are British so we have no clue." I asked him if he had been there, but he had not. So I know he was not Lil Bow Wow.

Hopefully going to meet up with Dave tomorrow for brekkie before heading off to sniff the seals on Pier 69 or whatever it is.

It is bloody cold here. I thought this was California.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Curried notions

"We are the media," says Adam Curry, wearing a suit and tie. "We want to take back the media and hold it in our hands."

The music industry is one of the first parts of the media that people will be taking back in their hands because the tools used to produce this stuff are the same for all.

He is right, of course. He is also right to say that the big nobs - the Microsofts and the Apples of the world - need to give people the fuel to do it because the people will sell the gear for them by creating the media they have in their hands.

I think it is hilarious Adam is in a suit and tie (pink, of course) presenting his keynote here at Gnomedex.* Has been wheeling and dealing or does he want to get away from the leather jacketed 80s VJ look ? ;0p

If you want the full shebang, he did the keynote as his 200th Daily Source Code.

Oh, and he thanked Dave Winer for all his work. And he loves him.

*Btw - Just before he started, he played a mash-up for a few minutes and everyone clamored with their cameras to take photos and videos of The Curry and The Scoblelizer who had bounced up to the red couch on stage to jig along. Geek Celebdom. Bizarre.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Pink Bunny

One person we have met at Gnomedex - among many others - is Bre who is a middle school teacher here in Seattle.

He blogs, he video blogs, he likes aliens, his parents were hippies whose guru gave him his name, and is responsible for the very cute Pink Bunny is Love.

We will Skype him when we return to our spaceship.


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My Lipgloss as Flypaper hell has inspired yet another masterpiece from Sharonspotbottom. Fantastic!

Citizens doing it for themselves

Three really good examples of citizen media efforts today at Gnomedex. Some are working within traditional media frameworks, but doing really innovative stuff, such as WKRN News 2, others doing it outside of the traditional media space, such as Our Media.

JD from Our Media took us through some examples of DIY content, while Terry Heaton showed us how he has helped the TV folk understand what citizen media is about. The blogosphere has trebled in Nashville since they began at the start of the year. Their plan is to get the bloggers they have helped get started, on air and "reporting" what matters to them. Cory Bergman showed us Lost Remote TV blog which I have to check out. I was too busy checking out the Our Media stuff to listen properly to him. Sorry.

Last day of Gnomedex

Phil Torrone's phone
Phil Torrone's phone,
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So it is the final day of Gnomedex, and we have had a lot of fun talking to all sorts of passionate people. After struggling with the wifi bottleneck, I have finally posted some pictures on Flickr. Everyone's Gnomedex pictures can be found here.

Very moving and insightful talk from Julie Leung who talked about blogging her family life. She talked about the decision she made to protect the identity of her children online by never showing their faces in her photos.

Although she felt restricted at first, she negotiated it and found what she posted was a lot more creative in many other ways. Sometimes we all too easily think we should do things the way we are used to and forget that often the best of what humans produce can come from struggle, or difference.

She also talked about the shifting and blurring boundaries between public and private space and the way being online opens up different sides to your "self" - and narrating those different sides.

These sides are often dormant deep within us until a channel opens up that lets them breathe. We are not linear beings with one side to us.

Humans are constantly playing out different personlities depending on what space - virtual and physical - they inhabit at any particular time.

That's why I will always be online. I was pleased to hear Julie's voice because it echoed what I tried to bang on about in my PhD way back when.


its all gone a bit jules verne
its all gone a bit jules verne,
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After bemoaning the fact that we actively chose to come to a geek conference half way round the world instead of going to Glastonbury - which would have been Blugg's 13th and my 5th - we are so fucking glad we didn't. No, it would not have been fun at all.

Just look at the flooding.
Thank god the geeks saved us. Went for a drink tonight with Dave Winer,
Steve Gillmor, Nick Bradbury - of Feedreader fame - er Bloglines guy (whose name I can't remember - Robert Scoble and his lovely wife Maryam, and Buzz Lightyear.

At least, his name was Buzz something.*

We also met a funny guy who offered to take us for a speedboat ride to see Bill Gates' house! Coolio. Last day of the geekfest tomorrow. We are having ENORMOUS fun.

*Bruggeman actually.

What do you get in a room of 300 geeks?

...wifi meltdown - that's what. I would really like to upload all the photos I have taken so far here, but more than 300 geeks all armed with laptops putting finishing touches to their applications, uploading photos, blogging and podcasting means the network is like wading through treacle wearing oversized wellies in slo mo.


I shall try again later when the geeks have gone out to drink and talk APIs. Interesting stuff so far though. Lots of talk about grassroots journalism, citizen media and open source. Good stuff from Dan Gillmor.** And there is a contingent of bees here evangelising* about Hivecasting. It is the future for insect networking.

Weather is great here. Warm. But I am freezing in an auditorium. Hope it is pissing down in Glastonbury.

*Every second person seems to be an evangelist.
**Who reminds me of Dustin Hoffman.

Friday, June 24, 2005

Geeking out in Seattle

So Blugg and I have arrived in Seattle for the geekathon that is Gnomedex. Should be lots of fun with much Rss-ing and podcasting. You have to watch what you are saying because you may be being recorded for any number of podcasts. Check out the conference blog for updates here.

Good thing we spent most the night making badges - or BUTTONS as US folk call them. I am wearing one that warns people I may be recording. heh.

Seattle is nice. Coffee filled and slightly hilly. Lovely scenery and very friendly. It think I could get comfy here. We travelled 20 hours to get here. Tired. Done my shopping - found a great cat cartoon artist guy on Pike market - loadsa fish there - and bought a couple of his prints. Very funny.

So the first session is about to start - Dave Winer is going to lead us in song before we start.

The one good thing about being at a geek's conference is that there is never a queue for the bogs.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Kitten pumpkin

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Cuteness overload. This one I found through Flickr postcards. Cool app built by a very clever coder.

Village Life - Exposed

I was just checking out the Big Blogger site I mentioned earlier and came across this blog.

JonnyB is evidently one of the Big Bloggers, but also has his own.

Entitled Jonny's private secret diary: Norfolk village life exposed, it is a surprisingly witty ditty. Blogditty. You non Brits out there, check it out.

It sounds inordinately dull, but it isn't.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Big Blogger

Big Blogger. Magic. Blogging has gone mainstream.


Flickr, as a result of its acquisition by Yahoo, is moving lock, stock and barrel to the US from Canada, where it has happily been the home for such lovely creative people.

Here is what Flickr says:
The Flickr team has up and moved this week to Californ-i-a and has

been singing Beach Boys songs non-stop since arrival. And you're

moving too!

We're moving each and every pixel, bit, and byte, all your data, lock,

stock, and barrel, from our humble server shack in Canada to our new

server palace in the U.S. of A!

They are moving all the data to servers in the US, from Canada, so that they can be housed on Yahoo's servers with all the support that involves. I am sure it is a necessary move for them.

It is so interesting that amongst the virtuality of cyberspace, once a company is snapped up by a bigger fish, that bigger fish wants to make sure it has uprooted every single bit to make it its own.

Cybercolonising at its most impressive.

Stinking like shit

You know when your trainers smell so bad that they actually start to smell like shit? And you know when your breath is so foul, it too begins to whiff or excrement?*

Two people I sat beside in close hot quarters on the London Tube today smelled like that. It nearly made me wretch. Imagine the London Tube. A long piece of shitty tin which sits out in the baking sun then spends all day going to and fro from one end of the city to another revving up even more heat. There is no ventilation to speak of. Yesterday was the hottest June day since the 70s.

But then when I got off, it occurred to me that it might in fact be me who was smelling, not everyone else. So I started doing that smell your own breath thing - not using your hand as a fan device I hasten to add - but that didn't really work.

London stinks of shit.

*A thought. Maybe that is just me?

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Jigsaw man as a sketeton

Jigsaw man as a sketeton
Jigsaw man as a sketeton,
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Tonight - hot night. Scary Jigsaw Man creation.

Friday, June 17, 2005

I am 'avin a fag

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What has become of our cat youth today... tut tut

Tube gossip

Tube gossip* courtesy of TheManWhoFellAsleep.

16th June 2005

1. Don't worry about time - it's very fluid.
2. Scott Parker has done nothing to deserve that kind of price tag.
3. It's like that old adage about boiling a frog.
4. I wish he'd realise that depression is not something to be proud about.
5. There's all these tiny scabs inside my nose.
6. Have you still got my sachet of salad cream?
7. I was surprised how attractive Ann Coulter is.
8. You're my girlfriend. If you won't do it, who will?
9. They made the Dalek all wimpy and emotionally needy. What a load of crap.
10. Don't touch me! I am contagious!

*What he hears random people utter on the London Underground.


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Check out some more fandabbiedosie Sharonspotbottom adventures...Now that I subscribe to her Flickr RSS feed, it is like my regular cartoon strip in my Bloglines feed reader.

When can I get a t-shirt, handbag and mobile dangly thing please?

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Just take the goddamn picture

Soooooooo silly
Soooooooo silly,
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Need to do a proper kitty Flickr sweep.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005


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Very fluffy. Want to bury my face in its fluffiness. Any fluffiness would do right now in fact.

Monday, June 13, 2005


MAKE: Blog: Claytronics
I can't wait to get my hands on some claytronics. Imagine the possibilities? They are basically tiny robots that can be moulded into any shape - like a mobile phone. The nanobots are called catoms - apparently.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Sony Revolution : amazing

Watch this video clip called Sony Revolution. It is amazing. Movable touch screens that you can site next to each other and drag different bits if information across to, and interact with. They are called DataTiles. One of these screens - like glass tiles - is like a controller dial which then swivels through content on its neighbour. You have to watch to understand. Via and Geek News Central.

"There's not enough of this boy to go round"

This young British fellow's Flickr photostream is intriguing. Do a quick slideshow and get a glimpse of The Trendy South of England-ish lifestyle.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Amazing paint brush thing

This is the most amazing thing I have seen this year, the I/O brush from those krrazy kiddies at the MIT Media Lab. Apparently it has been around for a year or so, but it has totally missed my crapola radar. Basically it is a camera paintbrush that picks up textures and movement and colour of object and paints them. Cool. You have to see it in action to get it.

Daleks too

Update: Dr Who also has THOUSANDS of daleks in it this week. When I was looking for a dalek picture with which to illustrate this post I came across this one on iPod Lounge. I also came across some 1970s soft porn shot done by one Katy Manning.

Dr Who genius

This week's Dr Who on BBC One in the UK is absolute futuristic, rather sinister, genius. Rose - The Dr's assistant played by Billy Because We Want To Piper - ends up on The Weakest Link with Ann Droid as the robotic presenter. The Dr ends up on Big Brother with Davina Droid as the presenter and the other yank time traveling charmer whose name I can't remember, ends up on a robotic version of What Not To Wear with Trinny and Susannah - or should it be Tinny and Silicanna.

Oh, and we hear Trinny or Susannah - never know which is which - mention President Schwarzenegger.

Baby cat

Baby cat
Baby cat,
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I am suffocating under the blanket cuteness onslaught of the photos in this new Flickr group I was invited to join - Baby Cats. I want them all.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Sanitary not Sanity chair

I misread this as Sanity Chair. It is in fact a chair for your filthy mates. Via Shiny Shiny

Potty Training For Moggies

It is just wrong. Cats NEVER wipe the seat when they are done. Via Shiny Shiny


Mouse is bored
Mouse is bored,
originally uploaded by Spike n Mouse.
Will you get off the computer and do something else?


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More from the Lifeless Faces Flickr group. This one is particularly good. Amazing what some people see in objects that you play with every day that you never really notice yourself.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Mobile file sharing

Nokia has released a social networking bit of software called Sensor. Via bluetooth, it creates your own little social space through which you can chat and swap files, says BleepBlog.

Nothing new in that. But what is interesting is that you actually create your own homepage - Folio. You can then go auto-discovering and match you up with nearby fellow Sensorites. It will then send files from your Folio. Really it is like a useful wrapper and structure around bluetooth. You still have to be quite close to the person.

Nokia describes it instant communities and networks - your "portable personality".

Pussy crack

originally uploaded by bartTC.
I hope this kitten lived to tell the tale (tail).

Choking on snot

I am human flypaper. I have always been a big target for mosquitoes and other such beasts. But lately I have been wearing a particular brand of lipgloss.

I caught two flies on my lips, and one in my eye and I think I swallowed another one after sniffing it up. Either that or it was snot which I swallowed.

It nearly choked me.

BBC NEWS: Dalek 'kidnappers' demand Doctor

Those cheeky Oooo-arrrrr Somerset scally wags. They have only gone and amputated a Dalek's plunger and demanded a ransom from the owners. Of course, it is a Dalek being used as tourist attraction. Not a real one. Or is it?

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Japan attacked by spider robots (again)!

Via Engadget. I am loving robots that climb and that mimic insects. These spider bots from Osaka University are almost two feet long and can hang from wires. Try getting that out of your bathtub. They are meant for disaster rescue and tunnel inspection etc but I thinking we will be seeing a lot more robots like this in proper robot wars entertainment on telly soon.

Oh, by the way...

I forgot to tell you. At the Geek dinner* this guy came up to us and asked if we were Blugg and Doctoe. We picked our jaws off the floor and said Er Yes. Fearing an infiltrator, we probed how he knew. He was an avid listener apparently and had heard about the dinner on our show last week. We were very pleased to have been of service. I also met someone I had interviewed about their blog. Bizarre indeed. But all good. This guy btw worked as a server farmer for Jim Henson's puppet company thing. Cool.

*See below

Scoble @ The Geek Dinner : London June 7 2005

Blugg and I went to this this evening. Jolly pleasant it was too. Check up the event's Flickr stream.

Scoble is one of Microsoft's tech evangelists and pioneer bloggers who has got to where he is now - 7th from the top - by blogging. And being smart. It helps.

He looks scarily like the guy from Happiness. He has some very interesting things to say about blogging, particularly as a company blogger. But it is his Channel 9 show that he does - where he goes Microsoft videoing people and asking them what they are working on. Very good of the old chaps to let him do that really. PR people dinnae like that at all. BACK OFF!

He has really shown people the potential for blogging and vlogging to be the stuff of creativity as well as transparency. I think more companies should take a look at that model, part of which at Microsoft was to compile the blogging policy using a Wiki which meant every employee who cared could add to the policy formation.

Maybe it is also the exact kind of model that is missing in politics. Wiki housing policy anyone?

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Welcome to California

God help us. Now Arnie has decided to podcast.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Imagining homes of the future

BBC NEWS UK Imagining homes of the future
Having a screen embedded in the wall in my bathroom/shower has always been a dream of mine. I would like it to be touch screen with RSS news and podcast aggregators built in too. Is that too much to ask?