Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Wibree me

I have always been a fan of bluetooth technology, even though it seems to be thoroughly underused.

One of the reasons I like it is because of the wearable technology stuff it enables - bits and pieces on you all communicating with each other. I have used it a lot for zinging someone a picture, rather than using MMS (when we are in the same room of course).

So, I was interested in Nokia's announcement of the Wibree standard, in one of the worst press releases I have ever read.

It will be an open industry standard that will work with bluetooth - there will even be dual wibree-bluetooth chips next year. It hopefully provide a much better way to connect up mobile/portable devices, with small, button cell battery power devices - watches, wireless keyboards, toys and sports sensors, and the like.

It is much faster than bluetooth - 1Mbps - and eats up far less power, which has always been its drawback. It should mean a lot more social and practical applications and uses popping up around it. Lots of ultralocal personal networks. Hopefully. And it will be free.


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