Friday, March 31, 2006

Kittens Not Bombs

Bluggcaster in Podcasting Hacks book!

Bluggcaster in Podcasting Hacks book!
Bluggcaster in Podcasting Hacks book!,
originally uploaded by kosso.
Well blow me over with a sparrow fart! We (well Blugg) has made it into the Podcasting Hacks book!! hehehe!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Skates and grass don't work. Duh.

BBC NEWS | England | London | Brakes put on police skate team
This made me laugh off my chair. The crims realised they could escape our gallant, skate-booted Royal Parks police patrol by...

wait for it...

going onto the grass.

MAKE: Blog: Artist makes fabric with voice

I like this idea. A lot. An Ozzie has developed software that translates voice waves into spirals - a bit like the windows media player thingy. But he has printed these patterns onto fabric. Et voila. This could be a whole new arena of fun for podcasters. Imagine a Bluggcast bedspread! Via Make Magazine

Virtual worlds and web 2.0

It occured to me that I have been thinking the wrong way recently about how the web and its interface will be in the future. Second Life-type worlds will not be the next interfaces where content is malleable and created by anyone; where guilds and communities of sock-dying dwarfs live and love. The web is already morphing into those worlds without even actively trying. They are converging. Or at least I think the borders between the two will melt away soon. Web 2.0 applications and things like this add ever more greater ways to communicate and to express. You can have voice, image, video and more sounds - you can even animate yourself to morph over into the 3D worlds while chatting to your networked peers. We are already trying on different costumes and creating a mish mash of representations for our beings. I can't wait to see the virtuality happen.

Monday, March 20, 2006

NYC Radio The Night John Lennon Died

WFMU's Beware of the Blog: NYC Radio The Night John Lennon Died (mp3)
This is interesting. Not sure I believe it is necessarily something someone recorded on the day that John Lennon was shot, or whether someone has stitched the bits together to make it sound like a radio dial scan.

Interesting listening nonetheless.

Where does this kind of recording sit in terms of copyright? would it be fair to play it on a podcast for critical comment without getting permission? That counts as fair use, no?

Sunday, March 19, 2006

PacMan's drugged fuelled downfall

Check out this by Videogame Theatre on YouTube (via Boing Boing). I especially like his drugged-induced hallucination midway. Classic.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

I am a dunce

I am a dunce. I don't lose things normally. In the last 7 days I have lost my favourite 5GB USB hardrive. It was round with a flashy blue light. It intrigued people. It made them envious. It had my life on it. It was mostly backed up but it was still my life. And now it is in someone else's hands. I am probably exaggerating and I probably cleared all the important stuff off in what of my Organised Days.

The next item to part company with me was my favourite dove necklace from Seattle. I was dancing.

Then I lost my purse/wallet. Cards in it. Lost? Or stolen. Either way it was all my fault for being a bloody dunce.

Gadget cakes

Engadget's birthday cake winners! - Engadget
These are the most excellent cakes I have ever seen. I can't even make pancakes.


Monday, March 13, 2006

Antisocial network launches

Boing Boing: New antisocial network launches
This is class. Just what I have been looking for. Via Boing Boing.

Google Video obsession

Cat movie, American short hair, Red tabby - Google Video
I think I might be developing an addiction to Google Video. Just been checking out all the UFO videos. I had never see the pre-911 one before. Hmm. Anyway, am now currently obsessed with the kitten ones. Check out this one of the laziest and Not Bovered feline I have ever seen.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

When I have some time, I am going to make sure I watch this from Google Video. It is Sim's mastermind Will Wright speaking about Spore, his new game. Don't know if I'd have the patience to play this game, even though it looks pretty amazing.

Multiverse Records

Multiverse Records
Multiverse Records,
originally uploaded by Eric Rice.
So Eric Rice, who we met out at Gnomedex has set up an actual record label that crosses online and offline worlds. He says:

"Multiverse is an actual record label that exists in a virtual (really virtual) space, that carries the same responsibilities as a brick-and-mortar label. I/We have acquired the assets and holdings of the label, including infrastructure and wonderful open source technologies, as well as some very talented artists. Together, we just won't get the word on artists, get them paid, but also, we will prototype the record label for tomorrow and fix what's broken by starting from scratch."

Interesting idea.

Big Air

originally uploaded by junku.
Junku's felines are flying again.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Tube gossip

Since I no longer partake in the delights of the London Tube every day in my new role, I thought I would catch up with the Tube gossip by themanwhofellasleep.*


16th February 2006

1. Did you get that free in a newspaper?

2. I love bags. Prada and all that.

3. Your label's up.

4. Let me show you how love can be between a man and a young lady with large breasts.

5. I want to stab him in the eye.

6. My arms feel radioactive, you know? They feel like they're throbbing and glowing in the dark.

7. I'm having a cheese flavoured moment.

8. Just shove everything in a blender. It will taste like shit but it's probably good for you.

9. Don't trust Dave. He's too emotional at the moment.

10. What? It's a song about Iron Man?

*"We all eavesdrop on the tube. (Except if plugged into walkman/Ipod/mother) The following are quotes I have overheard. Are they real? Or are they just the feverish imaginings of a diseased mind? It's up to you to decide..." - themanwhofellasleep.

Will the real Origami please fold up?

So there I was looking on Google images for some snaps of the Microsoft Origami machine that was unveiled today at another tech fest, the Cebit trade show in Germany, and I found these real origami delights. Just look at them!

I would love to know how much of a surge in traffic origami sites across the web got after the MS rumours first came out a couple of weeks ago. Check out the official origami site.

Now I am hooked.

eTech podcasts

ThePodcastNetwork :: The Tech Conference Show
I was searching and searching for some podcasts about eTech, the great tech fest in San Diego where all the brilliant geek minds meet. Check out these from the Tech Conference Show. I am just about to.

Thursday, March 02, 2006


originally uploaded by Fantasyfan.
Perfect shot by Fanstasyfan on Flickr.

Man, dog, cats

...and his family
...and his family,
originally uploaded by fazen.

Ultimate mash up potential

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Gadget cat

originally uploaded by KCA.

Microsoft, DDR and e-mail

Microsoft sees Dance Dance Revolution in e-mail | Tech News on ZDNet
Now I like this kind of interface. The clever bods at Microsoft Research have developed a prototype interface to email. They are showing it off at Etech, a conference I would give up chocolate to go to.

The interface is based on the Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) game. You step on pads to control what is going on on your screen.

I covered the Europe DDR tournament in London a couple of years ago. Such a variety of DDR gamers. Amazing. The 12 year old blonde Apple Pie kid from Norway was a true champion.

Radiator chic

Via Popgadget: Personal Tech for Women

Now that is what I call a radiator.*

*Not particularly useful for drying your sundries off of. Except for pants and bras. They can just hook.