Saturday, April 30, 2005

One Little Indian ? Bjork ? Triumph Of A Heart

What a fandabbiedosie video from Bjork with a Cat Husband. Watch it Cat Lovers, watch it.

Friday, April 29, 2005

Cat craziness

originally uploaded by junku.
Was it a full moon I wonder?


originally uploaded by GriXx.


*But fascinating to look through the entire photostream to see her birth.

Street art

2005-04-25 daelik
2005-04-25 daelik,
originally uploaded by callalillie.


originally uploaded by dwfake.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Cats in Odd Places thriving...

dryer cat
dryer cat,
originally uploaded by twwbond.
Naughty me. It's been 4 days since my last blog entry. Been away conferencing but I return avec gusto.

Have been evangelising about Flickr... It is truly addictive. At this conference I saw some really cool stuff on audiophotos, where people add audio - whether it be in soundseeing form or explanation form - to images. It then becomes a much more evocative artifact. Hoping Flickr will let people do this soon, if Yahoo have the foresight to think about it now it has bought Flickr.

My Cats in Odd Places group is doing well and it seems to cheer people up and put a smile on faces. It certainly puts one on mine every morning when I check the feed. Thirty-seven cats in very strange places there now. Check 'em out.

Monday, April 25, 2005

Hard life

Hard life
Hard life,
originally uploaded by Babsi Jones.

Buddy in a Sweater

Buddy in a Sweater
Buddy in a Sweater,
originally uploaded by rustyrabbit.
Poor wee puss!

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Sunday cuteness

originally uploaded by junku.
Here is some real cuteness to start the week with.

Flickr Related Tag Browser

Flickr Related Tag Browser
This is a fantastic use of Flickr's API to create a flash tag browser. It neatly tiles all the Cat tagged pictures, for instance, then shows related tags around the main window - nice flash. Try it.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Gossip...What people were overheard saying on the London Underground

6. I can feel my mind beginning to dislodge itself.

The latest eavesdropping titbits from North Londoner, TheManWhoFellAsleep.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Upside down cats

Upside down cats
Upside down cats,
originally uploaded by The Kitten's Toe.

Please tell me this is not true.

(Image: Time & Life Pictures - Rights-managed) My use is for editorial use only.

Man finds Moore's Law under floor

Thank goodness for that.

See? Hoarders make money!!

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Doll fun

originally uploaded by 7-how-7.
What a great job. This guy/gal - not the one pictured obviously - gets these blow up dolls ready to be extras for a film production company. I think he/she rather likes them. Via Boing Boing.

Stink bomb gas puts mice into suspended animation

New Scientist Breaking News - Stink bomb gas puts mice into suspended animation
The Alien scenario where they sleep through their space travelling is getting closer folks. Not sure I would want to be sent into deep sleep with the smell of rotten eggs however.

Talking of sleep I had one of the worst sleeps last night. You know the ones where you know you must be asleep, yet you feel awake all night? Very sweaty too.

Night cats

night cats
night cats,
originally uploaded by macbiff.
I love this photo. They are waiting, just waiting. What are they waiting for? Who knows. It is just what they do. Wait. They look slightly Egyptian.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Pope Cat Five Thousand

Pope Cat Five Thousand
Pope Cat Five Thousand,
originally uploaded by moonbird.
I would vote for this one.

Ambient jewellery

originally uploaded by The Kitten's Toe.
See, being a lover of jewellery as well as gadgets I cannot wait until what I wear tells me what my gadgets are doing. This chunky bracelet, says Shiny Shiny lights up when your phone rings.


originally uploaded by bouffjp.
Oh how I wish, I wish, I was the pussy cat and my Blugg was the Owl on that peagreen boat...


originally uploaded by fresno dayze.
I have only flicked through 5 photos in this person's photostream and already it is a FREAKSHOW. Is that Alicia Duvall?

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

It all happened on 19 April

Encyclopedia Britannica
As well as 19 April being the 40th birthday of Moore's Law, it is also my birthday. Whoopee.

See what else happened the day I came into the world.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Earth's gravity may lure deadly asteroid

Sunday, April 17, 2005

The Flickrverse

mc50 poster take 3 - april data
mc50 poster take 3 - april data,
originally uploaded by GustavoG.
Here is the latest represention of the social networks on Flickr by GustavoG. They are great little representations. But it starts to look a little like Mickey Mouse's ears, no?

Cat at ya

Silly Furry Saturday
Silly Furry Saturday,
originally uploaded by Buntekuh.
My, those 3D monitors are really something now aren't they!

Wired News: Fantastic Spastic Elastic Plastic

Wired News: Fantastic Spastic Elastic Plastic
Is this not the most politically incorrect headline you have ever seen?

Dzid behind the screen

Dzid behind the screen
Dzid behind the screen,
originally uploaded by dwuziu.
I had to blog this - this will be my last one of the night. It is part of the invisible screen thing I blogged about last week. Cool cat.

Gum art

originally uploaded by ponyintheair.
There is this guy. He paints pretty pictures on pieces of gum stuck to the pavement. Great idea but gross. Hope he wears gloves. These are taken by ponyintheair. The guy is in London - will look out for him. I gave up spitting my gum on the ground only recenly. I know - I am ashamed.

Lifeless faces - Nosy

Lifeless faces - Nosy
Lifeless faces - Nosy,
originally uploaded by .m.
OK - this is the last Flickr group I will post about today. There are just too many good ones for ma wee heed.

But the
Lifeless Faces one is about finding faces in inanimate objects. I am always finding faces in things. Then I start smiling at the faces or feeling sorry for them when their noses are grabbed by filthy hands. It helps those stare trances one sometimes gets into.

Torch-lit toast

Torch-lit toast
Torch-lit toast,
originally uploaded by knautia.
See, this is why Flickr is endlessly interesting and rewarding. Here is another new group/set that celebrates toast and toasters. Bizarrely fascinating.

I'd even go have some toast if only we had any bread.

Drowning hand

Drowning hand
Drowning hand,
originally uploaded by William Fawcett.
What an absolutely ace statue carving thing in a desert in Chile. Apparently it is a sculpture by Mario Irarrazabal called "Mano del Desierto," 1992.

So Planet of the Apes-like. I think it would really confuse the aliens.

DAB one touch download radio

I really want one of these, which caught my eye on Engadget. In fact why aren't there more internet radios around that play podcasts and other net content as well as satellite stations?

I'll buy one when there is a model that is shiny and waterproof for the shower. Oh and it would be cool to have a waterproof touch screen on it too so I can browse the web .

Cats in the skies

Cats in the skies
Cats in the skies,
originally uploaded by
The Kitten's Toe.
Now this is an area of astronomy that would interest me. Apart from finding worm holes.

In Ye Olden Dayes people - well witches - looked for cats in the stars. Might try it. We have a nice garden. Neighbours might think we are barmy.

This is what says:

Not too many people are aware of the term "Cat Nights," which goes back to
the days when people believed in witches. Old Irish legends have it that a witch
could turn herself into a black cat eight times, but on the ninth time she
couldn't change back. Supposedly, this is where we get the saying, "A cat has
nine lives."

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Lounging II

originally uploaded by s..

Another amusing feline attempt at sitting like a human.

I have just set up a new Flickr group called Cats in Odd Places by the way. I see so many cat pictures of cats where they are sitting in all manner of strange objects. Thought it would be amusing to set up a pool of them.


originally uploaded by The Kitten's Toe.
Now if you had a washing machine like this wouldn't you want to wash every soft thing in the house? Only problem is it does not have a spin cycle, is rather diddy, and is plugged into the kitchen taps. Hmm. On second thoughts... via Shiny Shiny.


The BlogHer conference is being organised right now. It think this session would be interesting. Some say what is the point of having a conference that is for women and their experiences - although men of course are invited too - when these issues affect us all. Well, sometimes women do have something different to say about things but rarely get a chance to share those thoughts with other women. I dunno. Would be interesting to see how constructive an event is really is.

I was the subject of not so much a flame, but a slightly slanderous personal comment on my professional responsibilities recently. Pissed me off highly. It was totally untrue and really quite petty.

Tracking kids

originally uploaded by
The Kitten's Toe.
This, via Near Near Future and Engadget, is scarily going to be the way of things to come I fear. GPS tracking technology is going straight into the fabric of school uniforms in Japan so that parents will know where they are at all times. They even have panic buttons on them which will alert the nearest security guard.

I worry about this kind of thing, even though I admire the technology. Kids need a degree of freedom and really they need to learn about risks rather than always be sheltered from them through technology that invades their right to privacy.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Looks like my cat who is a pig
Looks like my cat who is a pig,
originally uploaded by Robbiet480.
Excellent piss take of iPod ads.

I don't like Mondays...

I don't like Mondays...
I don't like Mondays...,
originally uploaded by Buntekuh.
A bit slutty. Possible contender for Animals that Look Like Moviestars group?

Cheap and chic

cheap and chic
cheap and chic,
originally uploaded by elvis1967.
I don't know why these cats have such funny expressions but they made me chuckle. It is like the one on the right is trying to say to the person taking the photo: "Get a load of him, eh?"

Just Try and Take It

Just Try and Take It
Just Try and Take It,
originally uploaded by Ticonderoga.
You ain't coming near me, or it, so forgetabouit.

Japan's hi-tech carers

BBC NEWS | Programmes | This World | Golden Years | Japan's hi-tech carers
Bless them. I really want a robotic cat when I am old and lonely and have no one around me to talk to me. In fact, I want one now.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Infinite Flickr

originally uploaded by Yer Sister.
Just like the cat version, this guy is suggesting people take pictures of themselves looking at the previous picture in the Infinite Flickr pool.

Might do one. Looks fun.

Sharon's Cat

originally uploaded by sharonspotbottom.
Woohoo! Sharonspotbottom sent me a link to her blog with her excellent artwork on...

Lovin' the cat.

Podshows vs Podshow: M&S podcasting

Eek. Tony Blackburn and Paul Gambaccini, two old British DJs, are "doing podcasts" for sale.

Their outfit, Podshows, is sadly too similar to Adam Curry and Ron Bloom's Posdshow. I wonder what Adam and Ron will have to say about it when they see this.

Maybe they knew about it and don't care that you have two too similar outfits doing similar things.

My worry , however, is more to do with the concept of paying for radio content. What can you thn do with it? Why should I pay for radio? What key different thing am I paying for?

Secondly, I worry that this will be the M&S white knicker, safe, reliable shopping experience for podcasts that the majority of Brits will first come across. It is like the whole world falling for the hype and buying iPods when there are other very good alternatives. There is a whole world of free podcast content out there. Why don't you go listen to one of those?

If Podshows is going to let you listen some music that is legal on the podcasts, great. But again, why should I pay for that if I can get it on the radio already? They will undoubtedly still need to restrict what you can do with the MP3 file once you have downloaded it.

Anyway, I think podcasting's potential lies more in providing a distribution channel for new, unsigned bands rather than the same tosh commercial radio wants us to hear.

This is an interesting entry on Podcastalley. Looks like Podshows is taking the piss.

Sorry for the long post.


originally uploaded by BeccaM.
Urgh. Interesting Flickr picture. This place must be such a great resource if you are an artist.


originally uploaded by camoby.
This ginger heavyweight who is doing a great job at looking cute has adopted our mates who have just started renting a place.* It is incredibly affectionate apparently - I guess it helps when people feed you tuna.

Btw - please excuse the typos in below's post - I usually post from Flickr then edit in Blogger. Blogger is down. Again.

*Very large "privates area" I couldn't help but notice.


originally uploaded by akempler.
Oh dear haven't I been bad. It's been days since I blogged. Been very busy - at night too. Very tired.

Living this cat. Cats that sit like humans just make me guffaw every time.

Spellbound is on telly on Thursday. Really wanted to see that film. Looking forward to it. It is the real-life filmdoc of US kids who take part in those national spell tests that are do big over there.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Podcasting's future

This is an very good piece on podcasting and its future. More of a Statement-Rebuttal kind of piece.

I hear mice, people

I can hear squeaking. It is not my trainers as I have slippers on. I am alone. Not quite. I don't even have any cheese.

Childhood, seen by Google Maps

This, found via Life Hacker, is a great use of the new Google satellite map service. In Flickr, you can annotate bits of your picture. This guy has done just that, with a sat map of where he grew up. It even says where his first girlfriend lived.

Now if I just had any history in the States, I could have a go. Since it is only a US thing I can't.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Podcast survey backtrack

Interesting. It really did sound too good to be true.


originally uploaded by The Kitten's Toe.
These kinds of memory-linked display RFID triggered bits of art-cum-hi-tech-protoypes which converge objects of significance with simultaneous events like image slide shows associated with that object please me greatly.

Says We Make Not Art:
The Pitara uses RFID tags. When placed on the personal object, the identifier
can be sensed by a small antenna located in the box, bringing up the images onto
the screen which can be navigated in a sequential fashion via controls on the
box. The pictures can be sorted and organized from the TeleTable, or loaded
directly into the box through a USB connection.

It always reminds me of feminist science fiction I have read and their imagings of a technlogical future. I can't wait.

How I know we need a cat now...

Samson's orange eye
Samson's orange eye,
originally uploaded by Obsidianfrog.

We have mice. Or at least one. This whole owning a flat idea is falling apart. The mouse ran right behind the sofa that I was sitting on. It disappeared into the fireplace. I have now secured the area with rocks and a wooden pipe. Time for some pussy action.

Going to watch 24 now with my feet firmly ON THE SOFA.**

The other hole is blocked by Blugg's stone head.*

*That he carved. Not his actual head.
**I'm not scared or anything.They are dirty city mice not clean country mice. Is that "mousist?"

Penguin in motion

Penguin in motion
Penguin in motion,
originally uploaded by The Kitten's Toe.
From the B3ta board, this is a great use of the BBC's motion gallery which has loads of nature footage which the BBC owns.*

But I think it is something different to the
Creative Archive, which the BBC has made available under Creative Commons agreements. I am sure Blugg did some of these - lizards avoiding explosions and the like...

*Click on the link to actually see the full thing

Tiny, shiny hard drives

originally uploaded by The Kitten's Toe.

Shiny Shiny: Tiny hard drive for your laptopNot that impressive considering it is only a 2.5Gb hard drive, but they are shiny and lovely looking and have very nice leather cases with them.*

I am still impressed with my Seagate design award-winning 5Gb hard drive.

*I used to have hello kitty address books that were tiny like that.

Monday, April 04, 2005

Tube escalators to get video ads

Boing Boing: Tube escalators to get video ads
I suppose it will give us something to look at instead of staring at the person in front's arse hoping they don't fart. I usually walk up the them anyway.

who looks?

who looks?
who looks?,
originally uploaded by Rafael Ollero.
More good grafitti.

Grafitti in Kreuzberg

Grafitti in Kreuzberg
Grafitti in Kreuzberg,
originally uploaded by geeklog.
Good grafitti.

Pope Idol?

Pope Idol?
Pope Idol?,
originally uploaded by The Kitten's Toe.
Heh. This might not be very politically correct, but it is amusing. Found it on the B3ta board.

MP3 player owners and podcasts

29% of MP3 player owners have downloaded a podcast? - Engadget -
Hmmm. This survey from the Pew Internet American Life Project, which often does this type of Slice of American Cybercultural Life survey, says that almost a third of those in the US who own digital music players have listened to podcasts. But it only phoned 208 people. Hmm.

Talking of which, here is the latest from Blugg and Doctoe - the aliens who are Ambassadors of Technology. They have MASS the band in session, in their living room/spaceship.

Saturday, April 02, 2005


originally uploaded by slight clutter.
Another addition to my Animals that Look Like Movie Stars Flickr group?

Tube gossip

Tube gossip
Tube gossip,
originally uploaded by The Kitten's Toe.

I mentioned the London Tube in my post below and I linked to Themanwhofellasleep's site which is an amazingly creative website. You can spend hours weaving through his meaderings - poems, sketches, dirty links, bizarre "blog" type entries with the Wombles and the like. Very imaginative but I suspect the guy is a manic depressive.

Or maybe some "artist(e)".

Anyway, I felt compelled to blog about him separately because a) I had the worst tube journey into work in my life today and b) because his tube gossip page is fucking hilarious and I should really read it on the tube to soften my ever increasinly annoyance with fellow travellers.

Today, I actually rapped on the tube carriage window like a 50-year-old headmistress and beckoned as sternly as I could to some young trendy bastard so that he would move down the bloody carriage so that people bunched up like stupid fucking eels at the doors could move along and let others on.


So themanwhofellasleep's tube gossip consists of amusing bits of conversation overheard on his tube travels.

PLEASE READ IT. It is cheek hurtingly funny. If you don't find it as such, you won't like me if we ever met.

We know he is living in Crouch End, so fair to say he takes the same lines as Blugg and I.


originally uploaded by donick.
This picture from donick on Flickr is why I love cats. They are hard as nails cats.*

I am reading a trashy** Dean Koontz book at the moment -
The Bad Place - and there are two twin girl characters who live as one with 26 cats in a dark smelly house.

The way Koontz describes their spooky symbiotic relationship is so spot on and is chilling yet compelling.

*That's what they like you to think anyway.
*I need trash to get me through the hell of the
London Tube twice a day four times a week.